Welcome to the Town of Onley's Official Webpage. To contact us, please call 757-787-3985 or visit the Town Office at 25308 Lankford Highway, Onley VA. Town Office Hours are Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. 

FY 2024-2025 Budget Information

The Onley Town Council will conduct Public Hearing(s) on June 3, 2024 at 6:00pm at the Onley Town Office. Please follow these links for additional information: 20240510140050 & 20240510140040

*The Regularly Scheduled Town Council Meeting will immediately follow.


The Town of Onley is accepting applications for a Full-Time DCJS certified Police Officer. The successful candidate must be 21 years of age. Salary will commensurate with training and experience. Please follow this link for a  complete job description: 20240517104419.  Applications will be received at the Onley Town Office, 25308 Lankford Highway, Onley VA. The Town of Onley is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Please follow this link for more information about the MONTHLY Town Clean-Up. 20231226131723


Please click here for the link to the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) Eastern Shore Sanitary Sewer Transmission Force Main Project: "Eastern Shore Sewer Infrastructure Improvements http://www.hrsd.com/eastern-shore-sewer-infrastructure-improvements


Please be aware that the Town has adopted a Golf Cart Ordinance. ALL golf carts must be inspected (see ordinance) and should display a town decal (free to Town Residents) as proof of such. Please educate yourself about using golf carts in Town by reviewing the Ordinance (see Ordinance tab) or contacting the Town Office for a copy. 


The Town of Onley's Planning Commission meets the THIRD Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm. Meeting location is the Tasley Fire Dept. Everyone is invited to attend.

**Please be aware that the June 2024 Planning Commission  meeting will be held the SECOND Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 6:00pm


Monthly Meetings of the Onley Town Council

All meetings are at 6:00 pm. Meeting location is  the  Onley Town Office, 25308 Lankford Hwy., Onley VA.

January 9, 2024 (Postponed to January 16, 2024)

February 5, 2024

March 4, 2024

April 1, 2024

May 6, 2024

June 3, 2024

July 1, 2024

August 5, 2024

September 4, 2024 (Wednesday)

October 7, 2024

November 4, 2024

December 2, 2024



School bus safety laws motorists are required to follow include:

Motorists must stop for stopped school buses with flashing red lights and an extended stop sign when approaching from any direction.

Motorists must remain stopped until everyone is clear and the bus moves again.

Motorists must stop whenever the bus is loading or unloading passengers, even if the lights and stop sign are not activated.

If a school bus is on the opposite side of a median or barrier, motorists aren’t required to stop; however, drivers should be prepared for students entering or exiting the school bus and crossing into their lanes.

Tips for students getting off and on the bus:

 If students have to cross the street in front of the bus, they should walk on the sidewalk or along the side of the road to a point at least five giant steps (10 feet) ahead of the bus before crossing.

 Students need to make sure they can see the bus driver, and that the driver sees them.

 When the bus approaches, students should line up at least five giant steps (10 feet) away
from the curb and the street.

 When the bus comes to a complete stop and the door opens, students should check for traffic
once more before boarding.